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TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are all vying to become the dominant player in the world of vertical videos. As of 2023, TikTok and Reels each have 1 billion monthly active users, compared to the 2 billion monthly active users of YouTube Shorts. Although this doesn’t provide a complete picture of the total viewing hours on the different platforms, it does indicate that YouTube Shorts, as a newcomer in the arena, has become the dark horse of the competition.

In the realm of short video content, creator AI-pocalypse conducted a thorough experiment to uncover which platform reigns supreme in the rapidly growing world of verticals. The outcome of the research was remarkable. TikTok displayed respectable viewership and engagement, while YouTube Shorts excelled with exponential growth, a higher number of subscribers, and a wide range of engaged viewers. Notably, Instagram Reels delivered a disappointing performance in this battle. In this contest, YouTube Shorts seized the crown, thanks to its algorithm that gives newcomers a flying start. For aspiring content creators, an unprecedented opportunity lies here to capitalize on this momentum.

The value of YouTube Shorts is not only recognized by new creators but also by established TikTokers and artists who are making the switch. Take, for example, the story of Connor Price, a rapper from the suburbs of Toronto, who launched his TikTok account during the pandemic with his unique “spin the globe” format, gaining global recognition in the process.

Connor achieved remarkable success by randomly selecting countries and challenging artists from different parts of the world to create music together. He quickly gained a large following on TikTok and Instagram Reels and brought his fan base together on YouTube. But why YouTube? Because YouTube is the place where everything comes together. Here, all your music videos, behind-the-scenes material, live performances, and community interaction can harmoniously converge. And we haven’t even mentioned YouTube Shorts yet, as a powerful catalyst that attracts new viewers to your channel.

What sets YouTube Shorts apart from TikTok videos? Firstly, it’s enormous reach. Shorts attract 2 billion viewers monthly, as opposed to TikTok, which has ‘only’ 1 billion monthly active users. But numbers don’t tell the whole story. YouTube also offers a multi-format approach, allowing you to share longer content alongside Shorts. This has proven that artists who share both Shorts and longer videos experience better total watch time and subscriber growth.

And there’s more good news! YouTube has announced that Shorts is now available in its video reach campaigns. This means advertisers can now upload a 60-second vertical video to reach viewers, an opportunity previously only available through Video action campaigns and App Install campaigns. Furthermore, vertical videos are convenient for repurposing content across different platforms, maximizing the use of your videos.

What does this mean for your video or music marketing? It means that YouTube Shorts is not only a powerful means to share your creativity but also an excellent way to reach a broader audience. YouTube is not just a platform for short videos; it is an influential player in marketing where creativity, community, and reach seamlessly converge. This is why the Age team is betting on Shorts and why they specialize in effective content strategies for this platform. Here, artists, brands, and content creators can build a loyal fanbase.