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YouTube Optimization

1. Organic Growth

Our first mission is to realize strong organic growth on your YouTube channel. Your dedicated partner manager will review & optimize your channel and help create a killer content strategy.

Channel Review
SEO & Optimization
Creative Video Formats
Higher Revenue

2. YouTube Monetization

We’ll tackle complex monetization issues and challenges and help set-up new revenue streams on- & off platform. Every month you’ll receive a clear statement, so you know exactly where your money is coming from.


Additional Revenue Options


Higher Revenue

Brand & Influencer Deals 

3. Unique Partnerships

We believe in matching influencers, brands and NGO’s based on shared ideals and common goals, to create the best and most authentic partnership.

Influencer Matching
Brand Matching
Digital Rights Management

4. Worldwide Protection

Manage your rights and optimize earnings across the whole of YouTube. As a YouTube Certified Partner and a Music Partner, we are able to track, monetize or block content across the platform in all territories.

Asset Protection
Music Distribution

5. Emergency Hotline

If your content is getting blocked, your comment section is being attacked by a spambot or your channel has just been hacked; Age is here to help! You’ll have a direct hotline to call in your hour of need.

YouTube Support
Tech Support
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